NH Series #1

by Spencer
Most years the first new Hampshire series is the third or fourth race for the high school team.  With the limited snow this year, it was the only the second classic ski of the year for some beginners.  All in all however, it was a successful race.  The Hanover High School girls team continued their winning streak, while the Hanover High School boys finished 4th.

by Sam M
The New Hampshire Series races are always crazy and fun for us skiers that normally only race Eastern Cups.  This year’s race was no different.  With over 700 racers signed up, the Gunstock venue was a zoo.  Because of limited snow, only A racers were allowed on the course for a single warmup lap.  This made it all the more interesting when we went out from the start for two laps with 150 other boys.  People were crashing all over the place; passing required forethought to avoid getting tangled up.  After the first few waves of boys, the tracks were almost gone on most of the course and the downhill were sheets of ice sided by huge banks of snow.  Despite the chaos,  Ford Sayre had impressive finishes; Helen, Emily, Caitlin, Spencer, George, Sam and Tucker all posted top 15 finishes in their respective races.

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