New Year’s Day

by The Van

This New Years Day (yes, almost 4 weeks ago) we loaded up the van bright and early at 8:30 AM.  Although the ride up was quiet, it was apparent that everyone was secretly bursting with excitement for the day of skiing ahead.  Our original plan was to classic ski, but once we arrived in a cloud of fog, we opted to avoid klister and skate instead.  We started off with an hour of easy skiing on the race course.  Then, it was decided it was time to take a lunch break.  We headed into the lodge to enjoy the warmth and good food.  Inside we enjoyed our sandwiches and snacks but quickly headed back outside to ski again.  The J2 girls went with Scottie to work on V2 techniques, the J1 girls went together and worked on strength, and Noah went with Dan to practice skating slower.  By the time we all got back to the van, the fog had lifted.  We loaded up the van and headed to Champlain Chocolate, which was closed, so we headed back home where lots of dryland training was waiting.

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