Skiing in Plainfield

by Alexi

Today was my first day classic skiing on snow this year…. and in my whole entire life.  While seeing the other skiers whizzing by me gracefully was often frustrating, I feel as if I progressed a lot during the hour we skied at Plainfield.  My first lap was messy and I felt that I was getting nowhere.  Used to skate skiing, my legs kept moving into skate position.  But as I circled that small soccer field over and over again, I could feel myself getting more comfortable to the classic motion.  Natalie and Scottie taught me great tips on weight-transfer and watching the other skiers really helped me.  The little lesson Dennis gave me about relaxing my upper body benefited me.  After today’s experience in the van and on snow (finally!), I am so excited to get back out.  Cross your fingers (and toes) for snow!

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