XC Running States

by Noah, George, and Sam M
Last Saturday (10/29/11) the Hanover Cross Country Team woke up early and hopped on a school bus at 8AM to go down to Manchester, NH for the State Meet.  It was a bitterly cold day with a taste of snow in the skies and not a glimpse of sun was to be seen.  At last it was time for the races to begin.  The girls raced valiantly to a 2nd place finish in Division II.  But our real Ford Sayre heroes were in the boys race.  Noah Williams led the Hanover wolf pack as number one runner, followed by George Voigt and Sam Merrens.  The race began with a bang and sprint into the swamp that was Derryfield Park.  As our heroes reached the first mile, they sat comfortably in the top 30 with plenty of room to make their moves in the following hills.  Noah clipped along at the heels of champions in an advantageous top 5 position, while Sam and George joined forces to battle the evil forces of Coe-Brown and Merrimack Valley.  Just short of the second mile lay a dormant monster, known only as “The Ski Hill.”  Naturally, our intrepid skiers smited this beast with all the energy they could spare.  They then sprouted wings and flew down the proceeding hill, back into the marshes and nearing the final challenge.  As they approached the 800m mark, a deafening roar rose from the crowds upon seeing these true champions fight to the end.  With the finish finally in sight, each athlete conquered their own obstacles.  Noah fought desperately to overtake a competitor, but in the end, settled for a respectable 4th place in a blistering 16:29.  George followed suit with an incredible kick putting him 24th place, with an astounding 30 second PR of 17:14.  Sam made a modest effort at a sprint, but in the end it was for naught, still finishing with a top-30 position of 28th with a stellar time 17:27.  In the end, the boys took 3rd overall in Division II, an incredible feat for an unranked team.  Stay tuned for the next installment of our brave heroes journey, this time into the mighty plains of Nashua.

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