Fall Variety

by George

This fall has been filled with lots of training for both skiing and also running. Sam, Noah and I have consistently been heading out on rollerskis most weekends. While we balance running for the cross country team and training for this winter we have as a team stayed much more involved in skiing this year. Staying connected with the sport has been beneficial by letting us maintain a level of fitness without the impact of running.
Even though we are in the middle of our fall sports seasons many of us have made an effort to stay connected to skiing as we train through the fall. We have been holding roller skis most weekends. I was granted the opportunity, and am the only member of our team who made it to all of the previous 3 roller skis. Two weekends ago we didn’t have a cross country race so our team planned to go on two roller skis, however many people were only able to make it to one of them. On Saturday we had a roller ski out Route 10 starting from the Lyme park and ride and heading out to the far end of River Road. After skiing Spencer, Cailtin, Helen, and I helped out at Scottie’s house to clear more of the brush and wood that was recently cut down. The next day with the news of Kate’s arrival back to the Upper Valley we planned a roller ski out on Dogford. Sam, Noah, Kate, Helen, and I showed up for a roller ski that included specific strength and classic technique filming. This past weekend Sam, Spencer, Caitlin, and I showed up at the Huntley park and ride (Norwich) to begin a mixed distance ski, we started out with some specific strength and speeds on classic rollerskis (which caused some of us trouble with our balance). After finishing the hour ski we ran up onto the power lines and connected to the Heyl trail. Considering how busy we all are with fall sports and homework it is an astonishing accomplishment that we have made it out for so many skis throughout the fall.

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