Summer Adventures & Intro: Sarah L

we welcome Sarah L, a junior at Rivendell, to the JNT!
Sarah L

For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Sarah L.
I’ve been floating around from school to school for the past couple of years. I orginally started out at Rivendell and spent K-5 there. Then went to Crossroads Academy for middle school. And finally high school wise, I was at Kimball Union for 2 years and I’m finally settled this year at Rivendell.
There’s been a lot of opportunities for me to play different sports and find out many of my current intrests. For many years I was playing basketball in the winter. But, honestly, who wants to be stuck in a stuffy gym for 4 months? So freshman year at KUA I decided to try nordic. My dad skied and competed when he was in his 20s so I guess you could say I wanted to try it out for myself.
Last year I met up with the UNH ski team when I was up at Trapps and got some direction with V2/ V2 alternate. Classic however…
This past summer I’ve spent a lot of time working at an inn. I’m officially a pro at cleaning toilets and weeding gardens. While I wasn’t working, I was riding my bike. Something I’ve also recently gotten into. Competed this past spring and won my championship first time out… it was pretty sweet. 
This fall is soccer… and I’m making my way through my fifth concussion. Fun.
But that’s pretty much all everyone needs to know about me for now. I’m looking forward to starting training and getting on some snow!

Rivendell girls soccer Jamboree 
Profile School bike race (a hilly 27 miles!)

Cardigan 5k CL race, 2011

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