Summer Adventures: Jennie


After spending the winter helping coach the JNT skiers, my career as a Nordic ski coach came to a grinding halt when I decided to attend graduate school at Miami University in Ohio, (oddly not Florida) a place where snow and skiing are quite foreign. However, I hope to be spending a lot of time at high altitudes to study the effects of UV radiation and climate change on alpine lakes. This past July, I traveled to the Beartooth Mountain Range in eastern Montana to collect water samples. After a winter with the highest snowfall record to date, our research was put on hold when we noticed the 7ft high snow piles on the side of the road and discovered that the majority of the lakes were still frozen. Needless to say, climate change seems to be altering seasonal patterns, but maybe this would not be all bad if New England gets plenty of snow all winter long! From Montana, I flew to Sweden to attend a workshop on aquatic sensors used to study long-term changes in water quality on lakes all over the world. Although a trip to Sweden in the winter would have been ideal, the long hours of daylight and Swedish saunas made it a wonderful time to be in a gorgeous country. I hope all the JNT skiers have a great upcoming season, train hard, and make sure not to snowplow on the S-turns!

Beartooths, Montana
Lake Erken, Norrtälje, Sweden

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