Summer 2011

The JNT was represented on four continents, and all over the US, this summer!  Some were based at home and were regular participants in organized training; others spent the summer in a combination of camps (skiing, running, soccer, biathlon, Spanish), school, research projects, family vacation, etc.  Everyone got to explore new trails, roads, water, and even snow!

Here are some photos from a few of our team outings – individual reports to follow (to prove that some of us ventured away from the greater Lyme area this summer…).  Click on any photo to enlarge it.

4th of July outing: low-to-high of Lyme, from the river…
… to the summit of Smarts!  (thanks to organizer John G, and the Caldwells for hosting swim/bbq!)
our small part of the Grand Parade of Lyme’s 250th “birthday” celebration
Fat Bob’s stop after the Moosilauke time trial (thanks Ruff!) – note Sam’s “medium”…
Sam (and his helpers) did it!

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