Thanks to the snow gods!

by Sam R

This winter has not only been an awesome skiing year, but also therefore an awesome grooming year. I have been grooming more this winter than ever, which is better some days than others. But no matter how many times I get stuck, it is awesome to be able to walk out the front door right onto fresh corduroy and newly set track. Living next door to the Mountain School, in Vershire Vermont, I have complete access to 5k of beautiful machined ski trails. Designed by John Morton, they have tight S-turns, rolling terrain, and a few steep climbs. Even though I have groomed and skied these same loops every week for the past four years I still have not got bored of them. Let’s hope that it cools down and we can get a couple more months out of this awesome season! If you are ever Near Vershire, feel free to stop by for a ski.

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