Backcountry Trek

by Spencer

A couple of Wednesdays ago we were blessed with a big snow storm. The predicted foot plus of snow was enough to close schools in advance. With this in mind, plans were made for a back-country ski through the woods of Norwich. Later in the day on Wednesday, 4 of us were able to meet at parcel 5. We planned to ski up Brown School House Road and then on to my house via the roadside fields. This turned out be easier said than done. The new foot of powder was both a blessing and a cursing; some of us ended up on the ground with surprising frequency. After 45+ minutes and several adventures with fallen trees, we emerged on Bragg Hill Road. Luckily the road had not been plowed recently, which made for nice and speedy skiing. Happy and soaked we reached my house and traded the skis for hot chocolate.

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