Race Report: Stowe 10/15k CL, Sun 6 Feb 2011

J1 girls: 10k CL
by Caitlin

Another Big Day at the Races
This sunday was the classic races for the weekend and had many of us pushing our distances: a 10k for the women and a 15k for the men. After Saturday night’s wild weather, the roads were closer to a skating rink than drivable roads making the logistics of the morning a bit of a challenge. Our driveway was steep and icy so the van was decommissioned for the morning until the plow came with salt and gravel. In the mean time, we worked out an advanced shuttle plan to get everyone to their respective races on time and the house all cleaned out.
For the J1 girls, this meant getting to the race site an hour before our start. I personally prefer to get to races with only a little time to spare, sitting around the race site tends to be pretty intimidating before a race, so I actually liked our arrival time. I don’t think the other girls are with me on this point; the time pressure was a bit nerve racking. But what ever happened before the start, we left it all at the start line and gave a good hard effort out there on the course. A classic 10k is one of the longer distance races we do each season and the Stowe course is especially mountainous. Overall it’s a tough course but we all rose to the challenge and felt we had good races. The finish line was a bit of a scene as all of us hugged and congratulated each other, relieved to be done and infinitely proud of one another to be out there racing.

J1 boys: 15k CL
by George

The Sunday Classic Race:
Sunday was an eventful day for all of us, J2’s had their regular 5K, J1 women had their 10K a beautiful 2 laps, and the J1 men had a lovely sight seeing trip around the course 3 times for a grand total of 15K. As the morning progressed we all began to notice that today wasn’t going to be like the day before which was a lovely day. Sunday was a much cooler day, which led to more challenge when warming up. As the day progressed further on and our races drew closer and closer the time in the bus became much quieter as we mentally prepared for the first 15K of the season. 
As we all got our skis on and went off to do our own race warm-up we had thoughts of what we wanted to accomplish in the race, it varies for all of us. And then as time dwindled down into the 15 minute mark we all gathered near the start to get our race skis and start getting the wax ready. And finally it was time to get into the tracks, and once that happens all of the thoughts that we spend time coming up with get flushed out and all you can do is focus on what is ahead. The grueling course of Stowe managed to take a lot out of us by the time we had managed to make it around 3 times, but with the help of spectators and coaches we all made it in. 
Once it is over you realize that it wasn’t that bad, no where near the trip to the underworld you were expecting. When we were all nice and “recovered” after the race the cool-down came next and once we were nice and relaxed and ready for the bus ride back we piled all of the remaining gear and headed out on the road. With the customary stop at Champlain Chocolates on the way.

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