Weston Race Report

by Emily

It was a beautiful sunny day for racing. We began our long day with an early morning departure for Weston, MA. This eastern cup was different from anything we have done before. There was a sprint in the morning, then a distance race in the afternoon. Upon arrival we got right on our skis and began warming up for the sprint. The course was located on a golf course, so there were few hills, and many long flat stretches. The biggest hill deemed “Mt. Weston”, was a small hill with a pile of snow on top to make it bigger, but it was very steep, and a key place to gain time.  The girls had a strong showing in the sprint, all placing within eleven seconds of each other, later in the afternoon the guys came close to matching with fifteen seconds between them. The middle of the day was hardest for all of us. Sam, Noah, and Tucker had a mere hour and fifteen minutes in between the two races, but were able to produce impressive results in their 6k distance race. The girls were next with the same distance, 2x3k loops to make 6k total. They also skied well considering the course was beginning to deteriorate on the hills and corners. About half way through the race a wind began to pick up that blew through the flat golf course. It was great to have a tail wind, but a head wind after racing twice that day was very challenging. The J1 boys had a similar experience, but skied three laps around the loop for a total of 9k. Overall today was exhausting, but everyone left with at least one strong performance making it a very satisfying day. For those who would have liked even better performances, there is always the Stowe Eastern Cup next weekend.
watching the girls approach Mt Weston in the sprint

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