Ford Sayre HIgh Viz Training Shirt

After what seems like an unnecessarily protracted process, the JNT have sorted out the graphics, price and expected delivery schedule for a Brooks high visibility shirt with the Ford Sayre logo on the sleeve and a caution symbol on the back. The JNT is required to wear this (or very similar) shirt when involved in any training that introduces the risk of being hit (rollerskiing) or shot (hiking during hunting season). Sam Merrens came up with the graphic concept.

Here are the sizing charts (also at with some searching):

Cost: The cost of the shirt with silkscreening is $24, We’re adding $4 per shirt for shipping and handling for a total cost of $28. In full disclosure the JNT program is covering the shipping and handling for the JNT and JNT alumni as the program requires high vis shirts be worn and we want each skier to own several!
Delivery: The Brooks podium shirt in yellow night lite has been chronically backordered. We’re told a realistic delivery time is end of February.
Order deadline: Prepaid, with check made out to Ford Sayre, by Jan 9.

To order: send check made out to Ford Sayre to Dan Haedrich, 49 Cliff Street, Norwich, VT 05055. Also, let me know via email if you are ordering, I don’t want to sent the order off and then get a stray piece of mail! Also, email if you want a higher resolution image of the shirt.
Thanks and pester your friends to buy one, two or more!

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