River Road Roller Ski

This Sunday brought yet another team over distance (OD) although much colder and a little closer to winter than the last one. Beginning at the Thetford bridge, we classic roller skied down River road and rt. 10 to the Richmond Middle School, a distance of about 7.5 miles. At the Middle School we transitioned to running.

After a loop around the 5 km race course at Oak Hill, we went to the stadium do to spenst then finished by running another 3 km to the High School. We were joined by Max Block who was home from Andover and Patty who was on break from SMS.

We finally got Tucker out on a Sunday roller ski and little did we know this was his first time on them! After a quick fall at the start (that’s why the welding gloves!), he put in a good 45 minutes before the sag wagon decided enough was enough and put him on photo duty in the passenger’s seat. Many thanks to Ed Merrens who worked caboose.

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