Tour Near Sjusjøen, the Olympic Museum, and the Birkebeiner Market

written by Emily and Helen

Today we went on another classic tour. We started in Storåsen, then skied backwards on about 7 km of the Birkebeiner trail. It was located up in between two hills, but the trail itself was very flat.  Then we went up over a knoll, where there was an amazing view, and then flew down hill. At the bottom, there were teams of dogs that were taking people on tours.

on the Birkebeiner trail at Midtfjellet
dog team tours
group skiing back toward Storåsen

After returning to Lillehammer, some of us headed to the Olympic Museum, which covered the history of the modern Olympics from 1896 through 2008. The exhibits included the major aspects of each games and the progession of the Norwegian team. They started off very roughly, hardly medaling at all, even in nordic skiing. Then as the years went on, they got better and better and became what they are today.
Our next event of the day was the Birkebeiner Market. There were huge sales on many sports items. Most of them being nordic. There was everything a skier could imagine, hats, jackets, gloves, skis, poles, energy bars, wax, and much more. We all left with at least two items. This just reinforced how nordic skiing is a very large part of Norwegian culture, and it’s really cool for us to see.

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