written by Caitlin, Emily, Sam M, Noah, George
Today we raced a race format somewhat forgotten in the US: the pursuit. It has a classic portion and a skate portion. For us, each loop was 3k, and there was an exchange zone to switch techniques. It took place on the same course as the Wednesday night race, but it was much bigger and more formal. We started with the 3k classic leg in a mass start by age group. Then, transitioned to the skate equipment in an often uncoordinated flurry, before heading out on the second leg. At the end of the race there was a grape/cranberry drink that was full of sugar. The awards ceremony was held in the main lodge where concessions were sold, the most popular of these was the waffles which every team member purchased and thoroughly enjoyed.
         Overall the race was a nice end-of-the-year experience. I mean, the race was about a 40 minute drive from our apartments which are already pretty far from the center of town. The trails are on some old logging trails near an old mill. It’s called Veldre Sag (‘sag’ meaning ‘mill’).
         Today’s weather was also an adventure. When we woke up this morning, it was very cold, snowing, and windy. But by the time we raced, it was quite warm and sunny, enough so that some of us got a bit sun burned and/or very tan.  Coaches’ note: the quickly changing weather and variable conditions on the course also made for interesting classic waxing!  Kudos to the kids, some of whom made do with skis that had no kick… while others could march up anything!

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