written by George
Today we began our laborious task of repacking our belongings, and the nick nacks that we bought at the Birkebeiner Market. One thing that complicated the move from Lillehammer to Sjusjøen was that we had to move out of the apartment in Lillehammer by 12:00 PM, and the apartment in Sjusjøen wouldn’t open up until 2:00 PM. When we arrived in Sjusjøen we decided to go for a ski in the surrounding area.
Where we ended up going for an exhilarating ski was through what seemed like the forbidden forest from Harry Potter, due to the dense unmoving fog that seemed to hang over the trails and limited sight to only around 50 meters, while the Birkebeiner skiers had a relaxing tour around the trails, some of our spring bucks decided to take off and find some challenging terrain.

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