Birkebeiner (Spectator’s Perspective)

written by Sam R

Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful day. We put on a layer of warm klister and got on our skis. We skied about 6K, up to the Birkebeiner trail and watched some of the elite racers go by. Since we were watching from about 35k into the Birki and Paco, Jack, Isaiah, and Rosalie started much later, we had time to go for a ski before they would come by. We went up to the top of a hill that was all wind-blown and bare, where we could look down on the Birki. From the top of the hill we could see 360 degrees of amazing Norwiegian landscape. We could also see the Birki trail far below, which looked like a line of tiny ants, marching through the woods. When we were too cold to appreciate the view any more we flew back down the hill to the Birki trail. After waiting for about an hour, we saw Paco. I skied behind him for long enough to find out that the wax was great and he had very bad blisters on his feet. Then we saw Jack, who was so focused that he hardly looked up. Soon after Isaiah and then Rosalie passed by. Then we skied back home to remove the klister so we could wax our skis for the pursuit tomorrow.

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