Staying Warm at Holmenkollen

By Helen and Kate

While we were cheering at the 30/50k races we (Helen, Kate, and Rosalie) were very cold during the women’s 30k race.  With hours left at the race site we were jealous of the Norwegians’ nice warm fires and tents.  They were completely prepared for the day which we had thought would be sunny and warm the entire time.  Finally, we decided to ask one of the groups if we could warm up by their fire.  We were obviously Americans to the Norwegians; we could tell because without saying a word they would start talking in English to us.  Shivering and glancing longingly at the fires we finally came up with the courage to ask.  To our surprise they warmingly welcomed us and we quickly took up seats by the fire.  They must have thought that the Americans were very funny because they pulled out all of their cameras and got pictures with us.  We felt like celebrities.  After drying out our things and thanking them again and again ( in Norwegian “takk” means thank you), we departed from the fire before we overstayed our welcome.  In this visit we discovered how nice and welcoming the Norwegians can be.

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