continued Newell excitement and skiing on the world cup course

Written by Rosalie.

Yesterday we walked off our jet-lag in the city of Drammen where we were able to get extremely close to the finish line of the World Cup classic sprints.  Every time Andy Newell skied by or appeared on the large screen TV, we cheered our hearts out.  We managed to make it on national TV as the proud Americans in a sea of even prouder Norwegians.  When Newell got third in the final round of sprints, it was amazing to see a podium composed of a Norwegian, a Swede, and an American.  As we all know, this doesn’t happen very often…

Today’s ski was just a surreal as yesterday’s world cup adventure.  We skied around the Holmenkollen course as our heros skied by, including Marit Bjoergen. No big deal…

The course was fantastic! As wide as a highway, perfect powder, twisty downhills, and ongoing uphills.  All of us were thinking, “How come we, random Americans from Hanover, NH, have this privilege?”  We skied around with pride and awe, knowing how lucky we were, and what an honor it was to be in our position.

We look forward to ski practice this afternoon with a local club, and watching the 50k in Holmenkollen tomorrow.

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